Do you even automate?

It is the bain of EVERY entrepreneurs existence…Time! There just never seems to be enough of it!

And whilst organisation and a focus on prioritisation go a LONG way in helping you achieve everything on your to do list, there are some great tools out there that can help you get more done.

One of the things I find most helpful is email automation, and you can use it no matter your business, brand or message.

The most successful entrepreneurs and businesses focus on developing a long term relationship with their target market, by building trust and positioning themselves as experts in their field. I can assure you that email automation is an essential tool in their arsenal to get this done, PLUS it means you are staying present in your tribes inboxes without even having to be in front of a computer. (Crazy clever right!)

So what is email automation?…

Put simply it is the process of preparing emails and scheduling them to be sent out automatically at designated times, or to be triggered by specific events (like someone subscribing to your email list).

I know initially this can sound a little robotic and impersonal (trust me I hated the idea at first!) but there are so many amazing features that enable you to personalise your templates that this point is really null and void!

Why should you automate?….

Ok, I will admit that it can take some time to set up automation in the first instance, but trust me the benefits FAR out weigh this.

I mean think about it…you spend the time writing an email once and you can set it to automatically send to every person on your list! Depending on how many people are showing you some subscription love that could be significant! (I mean some lucky people out there have more than 100,000 subscribers, and who has time to manually send more than 100,000 emails!?)

Some of the benefits of automating your emails include:

  • Save time– For me this is the biggest benefit by far! I mean it’s a win win if I can send emails whilst not even in front of the computer…that’s just amazing!
  • Consistency – (Is key!) People want to interact with a business that is professional and knows what they are on about! Automating emails allows you to spend more time crafting beautiful campaigns to ensure your message and tone are consistent.
  • Segmentation – By using an email marketing suite you can categorise your customers into particular segments. This means you can target content to the people who really want to receive it! (No more of this scattershot “send it out and hope they like it” stuff!)
  • Reporting – I don’t know about you but I LOVE analysing results…I know weird right? BUT this is essential if you want people to actually open your emails. Using your automation statistics you can use things like delivery, open and click through rates to improve your emails and get more engagement.

So when can/should you use automation?…

Oh man the sky is the limit! And like a lot of things once you start you will find so many opportunities to use this awesome tool!

To get you started think about whether you could set up a couple of these little beauties:

  • Welcome! – Show your new subscribers a little love and send a welcome message to let them know they’ve joined your “family”, Tell them what to expect from future emails and perhaps offer them a discount code or treat as a thank you!
  • Touch base after a customer buys from you – I literally do a little happy dance when a customer chooses to spend their hard earned cash on my services!! Seriously, send customers a thank you when they purchase and perhaps recommend something else they might be interested in.
  • Happy Birthday! – Everyone likes (and deserves) something on their birthday! Set up an email to automatically send to your clients on their birthday and offer them a coupon, or even better a free product or service!

So that all sounds amazing, but how do you do it?!…

Well that ones a little bit tricky as the exact process will depend on the email marketing system you use…so I can’t summarise it all for you here :(.

Personally I use (and LOVE) Mail Chimp…it is simple to use, intuitive and allows you to prepare some beautifully crafted emails that look super fancy!

Media Leaders has a great intro video into the world of Mail Chimp automation , but it would be a great starting point for anyone, no matter what system they use, to get them up to date with the lingo and processes involved in automation.

So seriously, you should jump on the automation bandwagon! It’s amazing!

Let me know how you go, and if you have any tips or tricks!




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