Reddit 101…and why you should join the cool kids!

I’m going to be honest, up until about a year ago I had never even heard the word Reddit. One day I saw hubby scrolling through an impressive looking news feed on his phone, the likes of which I had never seen before. When I questioned what it was (because yes I am that snoopy kinda wife) he responded…”It’s the front page of the internet!”

Reddit has become an essential in the daily routine of millions (including my husband) around the world, but I haven’t succumbed to its pull as yet. Recently I have been thinking I should though because it’s where all the cool kids hang out these days!  Or so it would seem…

Admittedly it does makes me feel a little better that every member of the online community — aka, “Redditors” — also had to ask “what is Reddit” at some point or another!

So…What is Reddit? 

Reddit is a social/news discussion and web content rating website. Over time it has become the comments section for almost every corner of popular culture, mainly because it literally has something for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your interests are you can find a subreddit on the topic!

There have been numerous occasions where hubby has shown me something on Reddit one day and then the very next day I see it featured on the news or Facebook as having gone viral…it’s literally like your own “you heard it here first” announcement service!

How does it work?

Reddit works basically because of our human desire to share everything! If users don’t share things (like photos, stories, links, memes) with each other than it ceases to exists. For me it is like the cool big brother of Facebook…It doesn’t need to impress anyone, it’s resolutely confident in itself and it’s a little bit cliquey!

The front page of Reddit shows a list of posts that currently have the most “up votes”. This forms the basis of how you interact on Reddit,  you either “up vote” something because you like it and this will increase it’s place in the overall ranking, or if you don’t like it you “down vote” it.

What is a subreddit? 

To get the most out of Reddit apparently you really need to delve in to the depths of subreddits. These are basically communities that are focused on a specific topic.  They may cover a broad subject matter like History, or be extremely specific like a subreddit just for Minecraft players. You name it there is probably a subreddit for it!

But don’t stress, in the unlikely event that you can’t find what you are looking for you can create your own! As you subscribe to various subreddits, you start to create your own “front page of the internet”, effectively like creating your custom Facebook news feed without all the fluff and advertising!

Beginners Reddit Terminology 

As with most of the online community Redditors tend to “talk” in abbreviations. Some frequently used examples you might come across include:

  • OP = Original Poster
  • TIL = Today I Learned
  • AMA = Ask Me Anything

Reddit Gold

If you really fall in love with Reddit you have the option to pay a fee ($4 a month or $30 a year) to help improve the community by purchasing Reddit Gold. This is the site’s premium membership program, and it is completely optional. As a Gold user you will have access to features that regular users don’t get and also get the chance to test out new features before the general Reddit community.

Ultimately, I think Reddit is a great tool allowing you to keep up to date with what is going on out there in the world. Not only that, but it is a fantastic way for you to understand what sort of information and content your niche/target market enjoys and engages with!

So what do you have to loose? I’ve literally just created my account so why don’t you join me, sign up for an account today and get up to speed with the movers and shakers!

Let me know what you think, and who knows maybe we will meet up virtually some day soon!

Until next time…




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