Templating and how it can save you from the email monster!

Email, it’s a beast. If you aren’t careful it can take over your work day and you end up living in your inbox!

Whilst customer service should always be at the forefront of your mind, reactivity to your incoming mail should not result in you jumping from one thing to another and never finalising anything. You know that “oh look at this shiny new thing” feeling!

If you took 5 minutes to sit down and think about it I’m sure you would find examples of emails that you are sending out over and over again, and are typing manually every single time! The efficiency fairies are crying at the thought!

Enter the email template; a pre written email that you can edit or update with the applicable content which allows you to quickly, easily and accurately write and send emails every single time.

Implementing even a few email templates into your email management processes will:

1. Save you time! 

Isn’t this what we are all constantly striving for?! Rather than having to recreate an email from scratch each time, you can simply load an email template and update with your new content.

2. Ensure consistent content & formatting

Consistency is key! When you (or a member of your team) create a new email from scratch every time, you run the risk of both content and format being inconsistent. You don’t want one person being overly formal and another using language inconsistent with your ethos right? By using an email template you can ensure that all emails leaving your business will have the same look and feel.

3. Ensure you retain high service levels

We have all had those days, you know the ones…A client emergency pops up, the photo copier breaks down and you were due at a client meeting 15 minutes ago! When your stress levels are high small things like email tend to fall down your priority list. You start to focus on quantity over quality and you start rattling out one line emails that are not to your usual service standards.

With an email template at hand you can fill out the bulk of an email body within seconds and then just spend a few moments tweaking it as needed. Not only will your clients get the same level of amazing service regardless of what your day holds, but you will feel less stressed knowing you have the process in your arsenal.

So, how do you start implementing templates into your daily routine?

Spend a week taking note of any similar emails you find yourself sending frequently. By Friday afternoon you should have a great starting point to put together some template text. I have used templates for all sorts of things (seriously once you start you will find opportunities for them everywhere), but some common ones include:

  • Appointment confirmations
  • New client welcomes
  • Quotes or proposals
  • Invoicing
  • Project or process status updates
  • Saying Thank You

The process for actually setting up and using your templates will vary significantly depending on what email software you are using, so I can’t detail all of your options here. But…if you would like some tips and tricks specific to you pop a comment below and I can point you in the right direction!

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on the template band wagon and start making life easier for yourself! (Or if you feel like you don’t have time outsource it to someone who does…just saying! 😉 ).

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